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Year: 2015, 2016, 2017

Location: Valencia, Spain

52 Super Series

52 Super Series

Through a partnership with 11th Hour Racing, the 52 Super Series is working to integrate practices and processes that minimise the environmental impact of their events.  This highly successful international racing circuit draws the best sailors from all over the world.  With close competition and a wide audience, it is the perfect platform to raise awareness of the environmental issues affecting our ocean and showcase the impact major sailing events can have by adopting sustainable operations.

During the 2017 season, the 52 SUPER SERIES builds on experience and success to further move the needle in sustainable practices in their own operations as well as through the venues and communities where they race.


  • The 52 SUPER SERIES will implement and encourage environmentally responsible actions and initiatives from management and participants.
The 52 SUPER SERIES will model and promote awareness of real-world options and choices within our grand prix sailing community and beyond.
  • The 52 SUPER SERIES will strive to reduce waste of all types by engaging vendors, sourcing environmentally responsible products and recycling.
  • The 52 SUPER SERIES commits to progressively reducing its environmental footprint in pragmatic steps.
  • The 52 SUPER SERIES will deliver messages of sustainability via our globally recognised platform and sailors who embrace environmental responsibility.
  • The 52 SUPER SERIES will continue to encourage host venues to minimise their environmental impacts and engage local communities to do the same.


Read about their 2016 sustainability achievements here. Follow the 52 SUPER SERIES and 11th Hour Racing as we take it to the next level in 2017.