11th Hour Racing seeks not only to drive change in the sailing and marine industries, but facilitate a more responsible use of energy and resources among the private sector, governments and individuals. We define sustainability as pursuing activities with a greater awareness of our impact on the planet, while promoting the responsible use of energy, food, water, and natural resources.


By embarking on a new model of sport sponsorship focused on sustainability, 11th Hour Racing seeks to demonstrate the advantage of embedding sustainability into operations, and pilot innovations to achieve greater performance. 11th Hour Racing’s sponsorship portfolio includes high performance, high profile professional sailing teams, series, and class associations.

An 11th Hour Racing sponsorship provides entities with the tools and resources necessary to:

  • Optimize the economic, environmental and social impacts of professional sailing teams, series and class associations.
  • Foster innovative solutions addressing the underlying environmental challenges threatening the marine environment.
  • Encourage the development of sustainable technologies and demonstrate the economic and performance viability of these technologies.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us at info@11thhourracing.org.


Whether seen through the internet or an old-growth redwood forest, the world is deeply interconnected. Food, water, and energy systems are all depend upon one another. The health of these systems depends on the responsible management of such precious resources. Indeed, we can only thrive as part of a healthy, regenerative network.

Recognizing this relationship, 11th Hour Racing works to achieve systemic change for the health of our coastal oceans. 11th Hour Racing’s vision is for healthy, vibrant coastal communities that value and sustainably manage marine resources. 11th Hour Racing funds innovative efforts, both within and outside of the sailing industry, that systematically improve the health of our oceans and its vital resources.

Current funding priorities for 11th Hour Racing include:

  • Ocean Stewardship
  • Marine Pollution
  • Marine Technology and Innovation

11th Hour Racing awards grants to qualified 501(c)3 organizations whose work aligns with 11th Hour Racing’s strategic priorities. If you would like to learn more, please contact us at info@11thhourracing.org.