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Nickname: Ando

Hometown: Essex, CT

Resides: Newport, RI

Anderson Reggio

"My passion for 11th Hour Racing comes from a shared commitment towards the betterment of our world. I think it is important for everyone to understand the impact of small changes made by groups of dedicated individuals."

Anderson’s career in the professional sailing world is quite broad. From race management, performance analytics, weather forecasting, and on-board navigation, Anderson’s passion for the sport is boundless. As a winning navigator on board a wide array of boats from TP52s to Maxis and Superyachts, Anderson has proven himself a valued asset with any team with which he has become involved. The 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race will be his second in the role of shoreside navigation support, working with Team Vestas 11th Hour Racing so that the team can be as well prepared as possible prior to each leg. As a race manager, Anderson has been fortunate to run numerous continental and world championships and is known around the globe as a top-tier race officer.

On Ocean and Sailing Passion...

We sail because we love the ocean. Loving the ocean comes with an innate desire to care for it. Like any sport, you want your playing field to be as perfect as possible and it pains me to see our oceans’ health deteriorating so quickly.

Supporting the Mission

I am on the water at every opportunity, averaging around 200 days per year in some capacity. I am dismayed at the quantity of trash that I see in our waterways and daily try to do my part to rid our playground of that rubbish. Through volunteering with organizations such as Clean Ocean Access regularly, my family believes that influence best comes from action. Living a clean life and trying to openly do our part to make our waterways cleaner while encouraging others to do the same is how we strive to support the mission of 11th Hour Racing daily.

Career Highlights

Currently, these are the teams with which I am most associated:

  • Navigator TP52, Spookie
  • Navigator Dixon 100, Danneskjold
  • Shoreside Navigation Support, Team Vestas 11th Hour Racing 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race



Connect With Me


  • Cool Trick: I'm trick-less
  • Free Time: What is free time?
  • Bad Ass Moment: Free-climbing mountains in Kentucky
  • Hidden Talent: I can juggle
  • Guilty Pleasure: Time with my dog
  • The Fridge: Cheese- lots of cheese
  • Best Advice: "You have no right to complain if you cannot provide a solution" - Felix Trommer
  • Hobby: I attempt woodworking
  • Fun Fact: In my youth I was a professional actor


Patagonia, Musto


  • Henri Lloyd offshore boots.
  • Sowester hand bearing compass.
  • Wet notes.
  • Turtle Fur hat.
  • Kaenon shades.
  • If you’re talking everyday gear: Under Armor anything and hooded sweatshirts.