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Nickname: Andy

Hometown: London, UK

Resides: Newport, RI

Andy Green

"The freedom experienced on the ocean is an essential life experience. The health of our oceans is essential for life on earth. 11th Hour Racing is pioneering to help ensure these life essentials will be available to everyone, forever."

Andy has been a professional sailor since 1996 on all types of boats, in a huge variety of venues and types of racing. Standouts include 2x America’s Cup campaigns and 10 years of World Class match racing. Andy enjoys the challenge of putting new teams together with a mix of both amateur and professional sailors. Although a big part of his professional career is now devoted to TV and online commentating at major events, Andy still finds the time to race and sail boats from 15ft up to 215ft.

On Ocean and Sailing Passion...

I love the look in someone’s face at the end of the day on the water. Success or disaster, an adventure has been had.

Supporting the Mission

Attended the first Ocean Summit in Alicante and being involved in the Volvo Ocean Race has been an amazing renewal and reaffirmation of what we need to do – stop single use plastic. The message is clear and we cannot stop saying it enough. Use a reusable water bottle. Start somewhere. Start Now.

Career Highlights

  • Helmsman 2000 Aloha Racing and 2003 GBR Challenge America’s Cup
  • Winner 2000 Bermuda Gold Cup
  • Ranked 4th on the ISAF world match race rankings
  • Winner UK Team Racing Nationals
  • Winner UK Wilson Trophy
  • Winner UK Match Racing National Championships

Connect With Me


  • Cool Trick: Getting a room full of people to pay attention
  • Free Time: Going sailing
  • Bad Ass Moment: Steering a British boat in the America's Cup
  • Hidden Talent: Mental arithmetic
  • Guilty Pleasure: Tropical Skittles
  • The Fridge: Too much
  • Best Advice: Become an expert
  • Hobby: Buying rental property and perking up rental houses
  • Fun Fact: I have sailed with four members of the Royal Family