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Hometown: Martha's Vineyard, MA

Resides: Martha's Vineyard, MA

Brock Callen

"As the father of two young boys I recognize the vital importance of 11th Hour Racing and its commitment to ocean education."

As a kid, Brock was always on the move and always outside – there wasn’t a sport that he didn’t do when he was younger.  It wasn’t until college that he really focused on sailing. Going to Old Dominion University and working with coach Mitch Brindley was definitely a point when he realised what was actually possible in sailing – and from then on, sailing has been his life.

On Ocean and Sailing Passion...

I am immensely thankful for the time I was given on the ocean at a young age and to have been taught to respect all of its power and beauty is something that stays with me in everything I do. I think that early education also taught me to interact with the ocean in as many ways as possible whether it be kitesurfing, foiling, TP52s or super-yachts, it is all time on the water and it all teaches something about the ocean and about ourselves. The more aspects of our sport I am involved in, the more amazing people I meet, the more I want to work to protect the ocean I love.

Supporting the Mission

Within my world of professional sailor, ocean guide and kiteboarder, I have a long-standing collaboration with The Rozalia Project and their missions. I also collaborate with Sail Martha’s Vineyard, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and perpetuating the Island’s maritime heritage and culture. I was proud to be able to tie my mission with 11th Hour Racing to a sponsorship of the 2015 Vineyard Cup; the event integrated key sustainability efforts including compostable products (Straw Straws), sourcing local food, and educating participants on important ocean health issues such as marine debris.

Career Highlights

  • Antigua-St Martin Kiteboarding Record
  • 100 Ton Master Coast Guard License
  • 2012 IRC North American Champion
  • Transpac Race to Hawaii Winner
  • Newport-Bermuda Race Winner
  • Key West Race Week Winner
  • Antigua Race Week Winner
  • US Sailing Team Racing Mid Winter Championships Winner


Connect With Me


  • Free Time: Ocean and kids
  • Bad Ass Moment: Kiteboarding Antigua - St Martin
  • Hidden Talent: Keeping it hidden
  • The Fridge: Anything organic and always beets
  • Best Advice: Put your head down and keep working hard


BEST Kiteboarding, Delta Hydrofoils, Dancing Turtle Coffee Shop, Gorilla Rigging, TotalBoat


  • Sunglasses.
  • Hat.
  • Boardies.
  • Kiteboarding Gear.
  • GoPro.
  • These things are with me pretty much all the time!