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52 Super Series

11th Hour Racing Partnership

Since 2015, 11th Hour Racing has partnered with the 52 SUPER SERIES to integrate practices and processes that minimize the environmental impact of their events and use the global platform as a showcase for environmental issues.

The full list of policies and initiatives included in the Series’ Sustainability plan targets the core elements of the event: water supply, waste policies, food provision, fuel usage, materials, and transport.

A highlight of sustainability initiatives through this partnership include:

  • Removal of single-use plastic bottles from the event through the acquisition of a water filtration system and the provision of aluminum water bottles removing 29,000 single-use water bottles from circulation each year.
  • Carbon footprint reduction through offsetting the entire footprint of all event operations including flights, electricity, water, and fuel. Organized sustainable transport including shuttle bus services and cycling events.
  • Reducing waste by engaging vendors in sourcing environmentally responsible products, recycling, and reusing event signage and cable ties.
  • Encourage host venues to minimize their environmental impacts and engaged local communities on the topic through beach cleanups, removing over 350kg of trash from beaches across the Mediterranean with the help of 300 young people.

View the progress and achievements from 2015 to 2017 in the comprehensive 52 Super Series sustainability report.


The 52 SUPER SERIES is a highly successful international racing circuit that draws the best sailors from all over the world. With close competition and a wide audience, it is the perfect platform to raise awareness of the environmental issues affecting our ocean and showcase the impact major sailing events can have by adopting sustainable operations.


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