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newportFILM seeks to heighten awareness of the issues facing our oceans and local bodies of water through the lens of documentary film. The scope of this work is specifically focused on film screenings in local schools. The documentaries are paired with Q & A sessions for students to foster dialogue and initiate change.

Past newportFILM screenings presented by 11th Hour Racing:

  • The Serengeti Rules (Public outdoor screening, July 2018)
  • Chasing Coral (Educational and Public outdoor screenings, Summer/Fall 2017)
  • A Plastic Ocean (Educational and Public screenings Oct-Nov 2016)
  • Sonic Sea (Public outdoor screening, May 2016)
  • Racing Extinction (Public outdoor screening, Summer 2015)
  • Public screenings of ocean health films
  • Provide educational screenings  to local schools.
  • Organize panels of experts after screenings to further engage the audience.


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