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Hudson River Community Sailing: Inspiring NYC youth through STEM and Sailing

  Each year, 150 students from nine public high schools in New York City, each with a unique story, participate in Sail Academy, a four-year youth development program at Hudson River Community Sailing (HRCS). HRCS students learn to sail, build wooden boats, and receive academic credit through an afterschool program that uses STEM curriculum and…

Cruising World Article Featuring 11th Hour Racing’s Grantee: the Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean

Check out the recent Cruising World Article  featuring the inspiring work of the Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean.  The article takes you aboard the world’s greenest sailing research vessel, American Promise, on an expedition to retrieve as much marine debris as possible, with a focus on remote islands and hard-to-reach shorelines in the Gulf of Maine. To find…

December 21, 2015

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New Video Highlighting 11th Hour Racing’s Grantee: Rocking the Boat

  Rocking the Boat empowers young people from the South Bronx to develop the self-confidence to set ambitious goals and gain the skills necessary to achieve them. Students work together to build wooden boats, learn to row and sail, and restore local urban waterways, revitalizing their community while creating better lives for themselves. Kids don’t…

January 7, 2015

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