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Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Compost Collective

Food Scrap Collection and Youth Empowering

Baltimore Compost Collective provides a residential food scrap collection service, as well as a youth entrepreneurship program that employs local teenagers and trains them in workforce skills, food sustainability programming, and community-scale composting. Youth workers receive guided, hands-on experience managing a small-scale composting operation, and the compost they create is used by their local community garden to grow fresh produce.

About Baltimore Compost Collective

Launched in 2017, Baltimore Compost Collective (BCC) is a local service that collects food scraps from residents and composts the material at the Filbert Street Community Garden in Curtis Bay. BCC provides opportunities for motivated youth to participate in efforts to divert food waste from landfills and a major incinerator in Baltimore by educating the local community about composting practices and regularly picking up community waste, converting it into Black Gold compost.

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