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2018, 2019, 2020


Providence, RI

Clean Water Fund

ReThink Disposable

Ambassador Grant: Jamie Haines

ReThink DisposableTM, a program of Clean Water Fund, prevents waste before it starts by working with local governments, businesses, institutions, and consumers to minimize single-use disposable packaging in food service to conserve resources, and prevent waste, and marine debris. Built off the successful initiative in California, this project implements Clean Water Fund’s ReThink Disposable program in Rhode Island by engaging food service businesses to reduce the amount of single-use food ware they generate. Besides cigarette butts, the largest source of marine debris comes from food and beverage packaging. Instead of focusing on cleaning up these items once they have become marine debris, ReThink Disposable eliminates the problem through source reduction strategies.

  • Partner with 11th Hour Racing Ambassador Jamie Haines.
  • Expand from Newport, RI pilot to a statewide campaign to reach more restaurants, businesses, and marinas and empower them to switch from single-use plastic items to sustainable alternatives.  
  • Partner with at least five new establishments in Rhode Island. Work with them to find alternatives to single-use plastic, track reduction through waste audits, and report on waste reduction, greenhouse gas reductions, and cost savings. 
  • Create at least one case study from these five new establishments, highlighting achievable, cost-effective business practices that reduce single-use plastic.
  • Partner with 11th Hour Racing Ambassadors Andy Green and Jamie Haines.
  • Conduct outreach and education to Newport restaurants, businesses, marinas and yacht clubs about switching from single-use plastic items to more sustainable alternatives.
  • Partner with at least three establishments in Newport to identify alternatives, track reduction through waste audits before and after, and report on waste reduction, greenhouse gas reductions achieved, and cost savings.
  • Develop at least one case study showcasing how a local business reduced their use of plastic and potential cost savings from changing practices.

About Clean Water Fund

CWF is a national 501(c)(3) research and education organization, founded in 1974, which promotes the public interest in the protection of natural resources, with a special emphasis on water issues. CWF’s locally staffed Rhode Island program pursues initiatives that improve public health and the environment through actions to improve water quality. This includes working for remediation of contaminated waters, preventing pollution at the source, changing practices and policies that contribute to pollution, and improving the accountability of government agencies tasked with protecting water quality.

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