2018 – 2021


New Bedford, MA

The Community Boating Center of New Bedford

Community Boating Environmental Science Program

Ocean Stewardship is a cornerstone of Community Boating Center New Bedford’s (CBC) mission to engage students in learning about ocean health and how their behavior has an impact on the waters that surround their coastal city. CBC educators work with hundreds of New Bedford Public School students at the city’s Sea Lab facility using hands-on activities to spark curiosity in science and engineering while fostering a commitment to help keep their local waterways clean.

CBC initiated a new training program for local youth focused on sustainable aquaculture in the city. As wild-harvest fisheries become overfished, the City of New Bedford is planning a large expansion of aquaculture, which offers new career paths and requires training the next generation to bridge the skill gap.

SCOPE 2021
  • Provide access to paid employment opportunities for local youth, many of whom have already gone through this program and are relatable mentors for the young students of CBC New Bedford STEM through sailing activities. Junior Instructors receive multiple certifications and skills development that are transferable to their future career and educational paths.
  • Deliver experiential STEM education during the 2020-21 academic year via Sea Lab virtual learning, with plans of returning to in-person learning as covid-19 restrictions are lifted.
SCOPE 2020
  • Support the ocean stewardship educational program at New Bedford Public Schools’ Sea Lab Facility, reaching over 3,000 elementary school students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Continue the Junior Instructors Program, which employs approximately 50 CBC alumni as assistant teachers and relatable mentors. 
  • Further develop an oyster aquaculture educational program to demonstrate the value of oysters for ecosystem restoration, water quality, and sustainable seafood.
SCOPE 2018 & 2019
  • Expand the ocean stewardship educational program at New Bedford Public Schools’ Sea Lab Facility, reaching approximately 3,000 students with varied backgrounds.
  • Create and execute a branded ocean stewardship communication plan to increase public understanding and action in coordination with 11th Hour Racing.
  • Implement an instructor training or junior instructor program that draws teenagers from the community, through CBC’s programs, and develops them into leaders and ocean stewards.
  • Build a training program in partnership with the City and local aquaculture farmers for local youth focused on sustainable aquaculture.

About Community Boating Center

In 1998, Community Boating Center incorporated as a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to enriching the lives of area youth by exposing them to a new and challenging environment built upon a foundation of trust and respect. The Community Boating Center staff, acting as role models, provide friendship and mentorship, teach responsibility and teamwork and demonstrate commitment and compassion with all Community Boating Center students. Safety, fun, and education are the cornerstones of Community Boating Center programs. For many of these children, Community Boating Center’s on-the-water program is their first exposure to the marine environment right in their own backyard.


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