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2019 – 2021


Boston, MA

Courageous Sailing

Summer Learning Program in Partnership With Boston Public Schools

Courageous Sailing’s Swim Sail Science program engages Boston elementary school students through a dynamic blend of sailing instruction, swimming lessons, and academics. Students build academic proficiency while learning to think critically about issues of marine debris, waste management, water quality, climate change, and endangered species.

This free program addresses the critical need for high-quality programming that supports the social-emotional and academic growth of young people in Boston. By providing bus transportation, meals, extended-day care, ongoing swimming instruction, and tuition-free participation in more advanced sailing courses, Courageous eliminates barriers to getting involved in sailing.

SCOPE 2021
  • Engage 60 students from four Boston public schools in a five-week Swim Sail Science summer program designed to provide access to high-quality, on-water STEM education.
  • Focus on issues of marine debris, waste management, composting, climate change, and endangered species.
  • Engage students in language acquisition learning through hands-on experiments and daily activities.
  • Encourage citizen science by helping students input their coastal clean-up plastic data into the Rozalia Project’s Marine Debris Tracker App.
SCOPE 2020


  • Engage 60 students from four Boston public schools in a 5-week summer program featuring a multidisciplinary, hands-on curriculum focused on environmental education.
  • Foster environmental stewardship by providing youth with opportunities to access and learn about Boston Harbor.
  • Empower youth to spearhead program-wide recycling and composting efforts.
  • Student activities include researching books about environmental issues; applying math skills to real-world tasks like designing docks for boats, and analyzing data about US trash production and recycling habits; and tracking the decomposition rates of various items in science class compost bins.
  • Students and families will collect marine debris while sailing and share data about their findings with the scientific community.

About Courageous Sailing

Since 1987, Courageous Sailing has been dedicated to its mission of transforming lives through sailing programs that inspire learning, personal growth, and leadership. Courageous is a vibrant community sailing and youth development center that utilizes sailing and related STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education as platforms for social-emotional growth and out-of-school time learning. As students master sailing skills in the decade or more they spend with Courageous, they also build confidence, resilience, teamwork, environmental stewardship, and other skills necessary for success on the water and in life.

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