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11th Hour Racing Team Legacy Grant

Many similarities exist between developing and managing an offshore racing team and developing and launching an exploratory expedition. You need to build teams, build equipment, raise money, manage logistics, and engage the public. Recognizing these similarities, the french sailor Roland Jourdain and his team founded EXPLORE in 2014. The French-based incubator focuses on supporting exploration with three main components to its mission, scientific understanding, innovation, and awareness-raising. 

To expand its education program, EXPLORE will develop 12 new educational kits with its incubator winners based on the technological and scientific discoveries of ocean-related explorations. The hands-on lesson plans are designed to teach students about marine biodiversity, plastic pollution, energy reduction, and the preservation of water resources.


  • Develop 12 hands-on educational toolkits in collaboration with Rectorat de Bretagne (Ministry of Education) for students in the Brittany region of France, ages 6-23. 
  • Train 15 educators in public and private classrooms, and NGO’s on how to use the educational toolkits.
  • Create a “Village of Explorers” to exhibit all 12 toolkits at public and family events, including large offshore racing events like Fête Maritime de Brest 2020 and Festival du Bout du Monde. Some events will offer a unique opportunity for young people to meet the explorers who are acting today for a sustainable tomorrow.
  • Visit local schools to showcase and pilot 12 toolkits. Incubator winners will participate in schools’ event pilot demonstrations to inspire students to pursue educational and professional fields in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and ocean conservation.


EXPLORE is a French-based incubator launched in 2014 by sailor Roland Jourdain. The organization’s mission is to transform environmental issues into new fields of exploration for the benefit of humanity and the planet by understanding, innovating, and raising awareness. The incubator supports ocean exploration and provides selected winners with EXPLORE’s technical and project management skills, to give wings to these brilliant ideas.

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