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Final Straw Foundation

Shifting Away from Plastic,
One Business at a Time

Founded in February 2018, the Final Straw Foundation has quickly become a force for growing awareness of plastic pollution and eliminating single-use plastics. The organization’s work is focused on its local community in Hampshire, United Kingdom, but also has connections to the broader sailing community.

The Final Straw Foundation focuses its work on businesses, industry, schools, and the local community to not only foster consumer demand for change but also empower businesses to embrace the move away from single-use plastics quickly.

  • Further business commitments to reduce single-use plastic use from 375 to 700 local organizations.
  • Increase sustainable business practices by installing and implementing composting infrastructure and policy for at least 3 new businesses, schools, or universities.
  • Conduct educational outreach at a minimum of 10 new schools in the region, and assist schools in developing sustainability guidelines and plans to reduce their plastic and environmental footprint.
  • Host at least 10 community beach cleanups to educate the local community about the environmental impacts of single-use plastic.
  • Partner with The Green Blue and the Royal Yachting Association to create a plastic and waste management environmental certification for UK sailing clubs, with the aim to encourage at least 50% of Solent Area sailing clubs to embrace sustainable practices and earn this certification.
  • Partner with over 500 businesses within the Solent region of the United Kingdom to reduce and eliminate their use of single-use plastic items.
  • Conduct community outreach events and workshops with local schools on plastic pollution and personal behavior change.
  • Initiate community composting in partnership with the Portsmouth Football Club.
  • Assist local yacht clubs, marinas, football clubs, municipal boards, and commissions on how to implement plastic free events.

About Final Straw Foundation

Final Straw Foundation is working with businesses, schools, events, and individuals to minimize the amount of single-use plastic used on the south coast of the UK, thereby reducing the amount of waste entering the ocean. To date, over 375 businesses have changed their use of plastics and become pledged members of Final Straw Foundation

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