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2018 – 2021


Hampshire, UK

Final Straw Foundation

Shifting Away from Plastic,
One Business at a Time

Founded in February 2018, The Final Straw Foundation has quickly become a force for growing awareness of plastic pollution and eliminating single-use plastics. The organization has expanded its work beyond its local community in Hampshire, UK to the town of Emsworth, UK, where it is piloting a community composting program that can be replicated in other towns. The program aims to reduce the 30-35% of food waste currently entering local landfills, and educate the community on how composting leads to a healthier ocean, while engaging farmers to apply the compost to their fields. The work of Final Straw Foundation began by reducing single-use plastics and has grown to advance multiple sustainable practices by engaging local businesses and community members.

About Final Straw Foundation

Final Straw Foundation is working with businesses, schools, events, and individuals to minimize the amount of single-use plastic used on the south coast of the UK, thereby reducing the amount of waste entering the ocean. To date, 375 businesses have changed their use of plastics and become pledged members of The Final Straw Foundation.

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