2016, 2017


Arundel, ME

The Landing School of Boat Building and Design

Life Cycle Analysis for Low-Impact Commercial Boat Building

Sustainable development is traditionally defined as development that meets the needs of the present while not compromising the needs of the future. Some define sustainable design as focused on balancing three Ps: prosperity, people, and the planet. The Landing School launched an exciting new research and boat building program to determine the feasibility of constructing wood and composite boats that are affordable, constructed from local materials, and have a dramatically reduced impact on the environment, specifically boats with very low, zero, or net negative carbon footprints. The focus of this effort was on the materials used to build common boat designs and developing a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool that can be used by designers and manufacturers to choose materials that have a smaller carbon footprint associated with a product from its production, to transportation, through the end of its life cycle. The LCA tool can effectively support manufacturing decision-making and is a critical component of sustainable manufacturing.

  • Develop a Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) tool for boat manufactures to compare the carbon footprint of the products they use. Assess and verify the carbon footprint of materials used in common wooden and composite boat designs.
  • Partner with wooden and composite boat builders in New England to pilot the use of the LCA tool.
  • Educate students on LCA and application in the marine industry.

About the Landing School of Boat Building and Design

The Landing School was founded in 1978 in Arundel, Maine, as a wooden boat building school that prepared students for careers in the marine industry through both hands on and academic learning experiences. The Landing School is comprised of four accredited programs: yacht design, wooden boat building, composite boat building, and marine systems. These programs provide students with pathways to a one-year diploma or a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree in Marine Industry Technology. The Landing School is the only school in world to teach these four programs under one roof and is the only residential yacht design degree program in the United States. Landing School graduates are found in marine companies around the world, and demand for graduates is high.

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