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2019, 2020, 2021


Concarneau, France


Ocean Education Opportunities for Coastal and Rural French Students

11th Hour Racing Team Legacy Grant

Station Marine de Concarneau, the world’s oldest marine research facility that is still active, was established in 1859 and is dedicated to advancing marine research and connecting the public to the marine environment. This project will support the educational activities at Station Marine de Concarneau’s Marinarium educating new generations about science and marine conservation and preservation. New activities, for students aged 4-17, will be created in collaboration with the Education Ministry (Rennes district), school teachers, local NGOs and researchers from the station.


  • Support and expand ongoing marine educational activities at the Marinarium through onsite educational workshops, field visits to nearby beaches, and in-classroom citizen science projects.
  • Partner with local NGO, Bretagne Vivante, to implement Living Beaches, a year-long participatory science program for eight schools to engage in field visits to study local shorelines and assess human impacts.
  • Develop new Living Beaches partnerships with local schools and organize regular meetings between students and research staff.
  • Create new partnerships with schools for students to participate in Young Reporters of Art, Science, and Environment, which encourages students to generate artistic displays of environmental issues to later showcase at the Marinarium.

About Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle

The Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle is a cultural, scientific and professional public institution. The Museum includes 13 sites throughout France, including Station Marine de Concarneau. The station is a marine research powerhouse in the Brittany Region and is working hard to connect the general public to ongoing research activities. Currently, the station is investing heavily to renovate its Marinarium in efforts to enhance its education facilities and capacity to better connect researchers and tools with students and the public.

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