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2018, 2019, 2020


11th Hour Racing Sponsorship

MarineShift360 is a partnership-driven international collaboration that aims to drive sustainable design and manufacturing in the marine industry. The purpose-built Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool will enable the user to evaluate and compare materials and processes, investigate alternatives, and drive innovation to allow informed, environmentally, and economically sustainable choices.

A Life Cycle Assessment is a way to understand the resource footprint of a product over its entire lifetime from cradle to grave. Once completed, the tool will use industry-wide, reliable datasets to compare choices and investigate alternatives at the design stage to increase efficiency and reduce costs without compromising on performance.

The end goal is to empower the marine industry to fully understand the environmental footprint of its products and enable a shift to a circular economy. This is critical for business and is driven by potential future environmental legislation, consumer demand, and the urgent need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

A selection of features includes:

  • Deliver a marine industry Life Cycle Assessment tool that facilitates smart choices within design and manufacturing processes.
  • Measure 6 different environmental markers to provide a resource footprint. This includes a product’s global warming potential (kgCO2e), nonrenewable resource depletion, water consumption, marine eutrophication, energy consumption, and waste production.
  • Establish Pilot Partners with a variety of industry leaders in their fields to further develop the LCA tool. Partners will provide data from their materials and processes, which will create a fully comprehensive database.
  • Use industry-wide data to continuously develop the tool on a platform designed specifically for the marine industry.
  • MarineShift360 is designed to carry out calculations and produce reports in compliance with ISO14044:2006. Reports can be downloaded and customized by the user.
  • The MarineShift360 tool is still under technical development and is only accessible to a few marine industry businesses that are supporting its development.
The database allows users to select material type, volume, and process from a database of over 200 entries. Users can also adjust inputs to see how different options will reduce impact allowing for informed decisions at the design stage.


11th Hour Racing is the founding sponsor of MarineShift360 to empower the marine industry to fully understand the environmental footprint of its products and make a measurable shift from a linear to a circular economy.

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