2015 – 2023


Inspiring Change through Documentary Film

newportFILM utilizes the power of documentary films to heighten awareness of the issues facing our planet. Public film screenings, along with education screenings for students, enable the organization to reach thousands of people living in and visiting Newport, RI. newportFILM empowers film viewers to take action to protect the environment on issues raised by the films screened.

Since 2015, newportFILM and 11th Hour Racing have partnered on annual film screenings and educational programs, reaching more than 13,000 members of the Rhode Island community and over 6,000 students from grades 5-12 through the newportFILM EDU program.

Past newportFILM screenings presented by 11th Hour Racing:
  • I Am Greta (Educational and Public virtual screenings, December 2020)
  • Gather (Public and virtual screening, October 2020)
  • The Story of Plastic (Public screening, October 2019)
  • Public Trust (Public and virtual screening, June 2020)
  • The Human Element (Public screening, January 2019)
  • Finding 52 (Public outdoor screening, September 2018)
  • The Serengeti Rules (Educational and Public outdoor screening, July 2018/Fall 2018)
  • Chasing Coral (Educational and Public outdoor screenings, Summer/Fall 2017)
  • A Plastic Ocean (Educational and Public screenings Oct-Nov 2016)
  • Sonic Sea (Public outdoor screening, May 2016)
  • Racing Extinction (Public outdoor screening, Summer 2015)
About newportFILM

newportFILM inspires, educates, and entertains by presenting current and impactful documentaries that build community and propel change.


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