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2019, 2020


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The Open Ocean Initiative

The Open Ocean Initiative’s mission is to work at the intersection of art, science, engineering, and design to create and deploy new ways to better understand the ocean and connect people to it. This effort will focus on two projects; developing new methods for youth to build and deploy their own underwater robots and create an immersive ocean data-driven experience to engage people in the deep sea. 


  • Develop Wayfinders, LEGO-based underwater robotic vehicles, to share the excitement and experience of exploration with young people around the world.
  • Aggregate and physicalize ocean data to create an immersive data-driven experience to engage the public in a better understanding of the deep sea.
  • Catalyze a global exploration culture by presenting ocean data as a meaningful story using technology, media, entertainment, and art to infuse the ocean and discovery into the lives of the audience members.

About MIT Media Lab

For over 30 years, MIT Media Lab researchers have anticipated and created technologies to make our lives safer, cleaner, healthier, fairer, and more productive. The Media Lab’s antidisciplinary approach to research makes it uniquely equipped to connect technology back to the social and the human, as well as examine the societal challenges that new technologies introduce. Current Lab research explores both emerging technologies as well as the deeper implications of where technology creation and adoption can lead us, and where we want to go.


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