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This grant supports the 6th edition of the Solution Search contest that spotlights existing and successful solutions that are reducing water pollution by changing behaviors. This initiative follows Rare’s community-level approach to environmental action starting with the belief that solutions to environmental challenges already exist in local communities around the globe. Solution Search is designed to surface, spotlight, and accelerate the most promising of these approaches.

Currently, many types of contaminants run through the world’s rivers, streams, basins, and oceans, including synthetic chemicals, plastics, nitrates, and fecal coliform. Behind each of these different sources of pollution lies a chain of people who engage in behaviors such as littering, dumping raw sewage into fields, depositing industrial waste into waterways, and using and overusing synthetic fertilizers. Therefore, solving water pollution will require changing those behaviors that are contributing to it.

Once the contest concludes, the Solution Search finalists participate in a series of workshops and acquire behavioral science tools to expand and scale their solutions.

  • Accelerate global action among a variety of stakeholders and bring behavioral insights into their solution toolkits.  
  • Support the October 2020-Summer 2021 global crowdsourcing contest and award ceremony.
  • Provide training workshops, mentorship, and networking for finalists to learn how to refine their interventions using behavioral science to increase the adoption of their desired behavior among their target audience. 
  • Advance solutions and behavior change to address various sources of water pollution such as litter, sewage, fertilizer, other nutrient pollution, and industrial waste. 
  • Equip NGOs to build effective campaigns that include three main principles of behavioral science: emotional appeal, social influences, and choice architecture.
About Rare

Rare is an international environmental organization committed to conservation programs that benefit both people and nature. Rare recognizes that conservation ultimately comes down to people. So, conservationists must become as skilled in social change as in biological science. Rare specializes in designing and implementing social marketing campaigns to change the behaviors of people that live in and around the world’s areas of highest biodiversity. Rare searches the globe for replicable, sustainable environmental success stories, and then trains local conservation leaders to develop and market those proven practices in order to protect imperiled species without compromising basic human needs. Visit Rare on the web at www.rare.org.

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