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2020, 2021

Rhode Island BlueGreen Innovation Challenge

SeaAhead, National Grid, and the Cambridge Innovation Center established the BlueGreen Innovation Challenge for college students in Rhode Island. This competition supports the students’ development of novel approaches for new, system-level innovations that address the Challenge’s key themes: food-energy nexus, ‘smart’ ports, urban mobility and electrification, and renewable energy.

Eight finalists will receive mentorship, and the teams will contend for a cash prize while they pitch their final proposals for projects that are either key startup concepts or could be implemented through the support of public-private partnerships. Rhode Island’s ambitious climate and clean energy goals make this the opportune time for our next generation of leaders to think big.

This partnership supports the BlueGreen Innovation Challenge’s key goals:
  • Increase the availability of clean, sustainable energy in Rhode Island
  • Enhance sustainability of the Ocean State’s seafood system, from boat/farm-to-plate
  • Promote the circular economy
  • Improve community resilience: economic empowerment, health, and food security
  • Inspire the next generation to focus on solving problems that really matter


1st Place, $10,500: Shellfish Aquaculture on Offshore Wind Farms

Zoey Lee, Caleb Callaway, and Louis Hand – Rhode Island School of Design
Geneva Casalegno – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2nd Place, $5,000: An Oyster Shell Solution to Stormwater Management

Claire Hodson and Jessica Vandenberg – University of Rhode Island

3rd Place, $1,000: Re-SeaD: Deep Water Data Collection

Marcello Nicoletti – Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Clayton Richardson – Northeastern University


The contest is open to young adults who attend an institution of higher education in Rhode Island, southern/central Massachusetts, and Connecticut, or are living in Rhode Island while studying at an out-of-state institution. This includes four-year universities, community colleges, and technical schools. Recent graduates are also welcome to apply.

Competitors are encouraged to form inter-school teams of up to four members. Team members from outside of Rhode Island are allowed as long as at least half the team meets the above Rhode Island criteria.

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