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The Outlaw Ocean Project

At a time when the world’s ocean faces a perilous set of issues, from a rising sea level to pollution to overfishing, media outlets globally are pulling back from covering the oceans. The reporting is simply too expensive, dangerous, and time-consuming. Meanwhile, a governance crisis is intensifying offshore where the perils facing the people working out there, such as human slavery and homicide, go untamed. Governments rarely respond because it happens in international waters where no country holds jurisdiction. To bridge this gap, Ian Urbina and The Outlaw Ocean Project focus on these urgent issues to highlight the diversity of sustainability issues, crimes, and other problems facing the world’s ocean.

About The Outlaw Ocean Project

The Outlaw Ocean Project is a non-profit journalism organization that produces high-impact investigative stories about lawlessness at sea and the diversity of environmental, human rights, and labor abuses occurring offshore around the world.

In what began as an award-winning series in 2015 in The New York Times and a resulting book in 2019 by Ian Urbina, the ongoing non-profit reporting is now published as written and video stories in partnership with news outlets in dozens of countries globally.

For the sake of reaching a broader and a more diverse audience, the project also specializes in converting the journalism into other narrative forms such as music initiatives, educational games, podcast episodes, tv series, animation, and documentary films.

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