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2019 – 2023


Buenos Aires, Argentina


The Unplastify Challenge for Sailors in Argentina

While awareness and resources to address or eliminate plastic pollution is widely available in English, Spanish-language resources and tools are not as prevalent or free. Unplastify is working to create and share, free of charge, high-quality content and toolkits with the broader Spanish-speaking and ocean-loving community in Latin America.

The Unplastify Challenge for Sailing Clubs aims to inspire and empower sailors in Latin America to take action against plastic pollution. Unplastify will host a series of online inspirational talks throughout the year to broaden the reach of the unplastify sailing community It will work alongside those who want to take action by disseminating Unplastify’s toolkit for clubs to minimize single-use plastics, and work together and share their progress. In 2021, the Unplastify Challenge aims to expand its reach beyond Argentina to three additional Latin American countries via an Unplastify Ambassador Network.

About Unplastify

Unplastify, founded in 2018, is an Argentina-based organization working to change the human relationship with plastic, educating and facilitating behavioral and systematic changes to minimize plastic use. Unplastify started with a sailing expedition across the Atlantic aiming to research and experience first hand the reality of plastic in our oceans. Today, Unplastify works with schools, clubs, companies, and governments accelerating unplastifying processes. Through the Unplastify challenges, they work to inspire and empower the different communities to design and implement strategies to unplastify their own organizations.

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