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2019, 2020


Buenos Aires, Argentina


The Unplastify Challenge for Sailors in Argentina

Frustrated by the amount of plastic pollution in his local waterways, Olympian Yago Lange set out on a mission to educate other sailors about the global issue and reduce the use of single-use plastics at Olympic sailing events and sailing centers across Argentina. To fulfill this mission in Argentina, Lange will partner with Unplastify and serve as the organization’s Sailing Community Liaison to foster meaningful discussions with sailors about plastic pollution.

The Unplastify Challenge for Sailors aims to inspire and empower sailors in Argentina to take action against plastic pollution. The challenge is a friendly competition in which sailors are inspired, informed, and guided to develop and implement strategies to unplastify their sailing centers to reduce and eliminate single-use plastics. Participants will share their progress on social media and will earn points for impact, leadership, and cooperation.


  • Implement the Unplastify Challenge at approximately 15 sailing centers across Argentina.
  • Host an Unplastify Workshop for sailors to design an action plan about how to unplastify their sailing centers and communicate their selected strategy.
  • Host talks to empower sailors to become Unplastify Leaders and continue efforts locally.
  • Provide training and guidelines for sailing centers to host cleanups along their coastline. Each cleanup will measure the debris collected, and identify its source.

About Unplastify

Unplastify, founded in 2018, is an Argentina-based organization working to change the human relationship with plastic, educating and facilitating behavioral and systematic changes to minimize plastic use. Unplastify started with a sailing expedition across the Atlantic aiming to research and experience first hand the reality of plastic in our oceans. Today, Unplastify organizes talks, workshops, and coastal cleanups to raise awareness of plastic pollution, and collaborates with science and research organizations to amplify the impact of its findings. It also develops programs to inspire, inform and generate actions, challenging schools, companies, and sailing centers to design and implement strategies to unplastify their organizations.

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