Newport, RI

Clean Ocean Access

Marine Debris Solutions Lifecycle Project

Clean Ocean Access is a not-for-profit organization with a mission of “action today so future generations can continue to enjoy ocean activities”. COA has performed over 153 marine debris removals (coastal cleanups) around Aquidneck Island since September 2006 and removed over 64,000 pounds of small to medium size marine debris. After eight years of success with over 4,000 volunteers, they have shifted their focus towards a comprehensive approach that combines marine debris removal (Marine Debris Solutions Lifecycle Project) with prevention through education and engagement – STEAM cleaning Aquidneck Island Project. These programs are just a portion of COA’s long-term portfolio of efforts aimed at creating a CLEAN ocean for all.

The ultimate goal for this proposal was to eliminate marine debris from the shoreline (CLEAN) of Aquidneck Island and change human behavior to improve ocean health, long-term.

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