2015, 2016


Westport, CT

Earthplace – The Nature Discovery Center Inc.

Water Quality Research in Long Island Sound and its Tributaries

Clean water is critically important to the health of people and ecosystems. Harbor Watch is a water quality monitoring program based at Earthplace, The Nature Discovery and Environmental Learning Center in Westport, CT. Their mission is to provide the people of Connecticut with the data, knowledge, and field expertise necessary to safeguard local waterways, educate citizens about watershed issues, and train volunteers and student interns through hands-on research. In 2016, Harbor Watch conducted weekly to biweekly shoreline surveys of stormwater discharge outfalls and waterways flowing into Long Island Sound and its tributaries for bacteria and physical variables. When high bacterial counts were detected, Harbor Watch notified the appropriate local municipal agency (e.g., health and public works departments) and assisted them with locating the exact source of the contamination so remediation actions could be quickly taken.

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