11th Hour Racing periodically hosts webinars to share the work of our grantees and partners.  Click below to view past recordings of these webinars.


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Past Webinars

Tools for a Plastic-Free Ocean

Feeling inspired to stand up for our ocean? Whether you are planning an ocean adventure or have an opportunity within your community to make an impact, this webinar with ocean advocate Emily Penn will help you explore the role you can play to combat plastic pollution, as well as equip you with effective tools that you’ll need to take action.

The webinar includes:

  • Spectrum of solutions – Explore the potential solutions to plastic pollution and identify where you can make a difference .
  • Support for action – An introduction to the Plastic Pollution Toolkit (oceanchangemakers.com): a new and free online resource with a range of guides and advice that can support to your own plans for action help you maximize your impact.

We Are Eating Our Fleece! A Discussion of Microfiber Pollution and the Cora Ball

A 30-minute webinar on the emerging topic of microfiber pollution and an innovative solution developed by Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean, the Cora Ball.

The single biggest pollution problem facing our ocean is microfiber: trillions of pieces of tiny fibers flowing into the ocean – every time we use our washing machines. Our clothing is breaking up, sending this microfiber (made of plastic and chemical-covered non-plastics) out with the drain water – just one fleece jacket could shed up to 250,000 pieces per garment per wash. New York City, alone, could have 6.8 billion microfibers flowing into its harbor every day. We are all contributing to this problem.

For more information: Cora Ball

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Marina Trash Skimmers!

A 30 min webinar with 11th Hour Racing Grantee Clean Ocean Access focused on their Marina Trash Skimmers in Rhode Island. Learn how these devices cleanup local harbors and marinas, raise awareness to the impact of littering, and if they might be an option for your local sailing center, waterfront property or marina!

For more information: Aquidneck Island Marina Trash Skimmers