11th Hour Racing at Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series Chicago

11th Hour Racing partnered with the organizers of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series Chicago and Shedd Aquarium to reduce the environmental impact of the three day event. This was accomplished by having Flowater bottle refill stations, compost bins placed on Navy Pier, informative ground stickers placed around the Race Village, and a photo booth were participates pledge to Say NO! to single use plastics.

During the three days of the event:

  • 980 lbs of compost was diverted from landfills by use of compost bins.
  • 11,529 standard 16.9 oz. single use plastic water bottles were saved by the use of the Flowater refill stations.
  • 4,566 gallons of water (584,520 oz.) would have been used to make those 11,529 bottles (the average single-use bottle uses 3x the amount of water to make it than it takes to fill, so 16.9 oz. x 3 =50.7 oz./refill).
  • Production for a 16.9 oz single-use water bottle takes about 4.2 oz./oil per bottle (one quarter the size of the bottle), so 9 barrels (48,710 oz.) of oil were saved.

More than 200,000 people visited the Race Village over the three days and saw the ground stickers with messages aimed at engaging fans to take action around the themes of water conservation, invasive species, and plastic pollution:





Land Rover BAR and 11th Hour Racing’s #SayNO to single-use plastics photo booth. Fans were able to take action by pledging to Say NO! to single-use plastics while taking fun photos to share on social media:


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