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Grants awarded to 89 programs since 2013

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Pounds of debris removed from the ocean by grantees

Grant Making Strategy

We foster systemic change to restore ocean health

Our vision for the future includes cleaner, healthier waterways through strong local stewardship and collective action around the world.

As the climate crisis intensifies, so does the impact on ocean health. We need a global paradigm shift from an extractive economy that depletes our natural resources to a sustainable economy that uses resources wisely and protects our ocean. We work to facilitate this transition by supporting local solutions to global problems, led by community organizations and industry leaders.

By supporting local pilot programs that model best practices of sustainability, restore coastal ecosystems, and advance ocean stewardship, our grantees are creating systemic change to restore ocean health.


We prioritize projects led by 501(c)(3) organizations, but other types of nonprofit or charitable entities may apply as long as the proposed project addresses one or more of 11th Hour Racing’s strategic goals. We award grants in the U.S. and globally; however, we prioritize funding on the East Coast of the United States, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. 11th Hour Racing seeks proposals that align with one or more of our focus areas:


Increase the understanding and appreciation of the importance of healthy oceans and waterways through experiential learning, citizen science, and powerful storytelling.

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Advance practices and technologies in coastal communities and the marine industry to reduce waste, prevent plastic pollution, improve water quality, and assess new circular solutions.

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Improve water quality, bolster coastal resilience, and sequester carbon through coastal habitat restoration.

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Project submissions are evaluated based on the following criteria: 

  • Environmental impact: the magnitude of the project’s environmental benefits.
  • Capacity and organizational expertise: organizational capacity and qualifications necessary to implement the proposed project.
  • Innovation and creativity: how unique the project or the methodology used are. 
  • Feasibility of implementation: technological, financial, and political factors that may influence the success of the project.

Strong consideration will be given to projects that involve collaborations and stakeholder engagement, model best practices, can demonstrate measurable outcomes in a one-year timeframe, and share successes broadly. For anything we fund, particularly demonstration projects or place-based work, we prefer opportunities for broader impact through replicating or scaling.

Grant Awards

  • Grants are typically one year in length, and we generally offer fewer multi-year grants.
  • Typical grant awards range from $40,000 – $150,000, with an average grant size of $75,000. First-time grants to new organizations are generally smaller.
  • Our grant funding must be tied to a specific project with measurable outcomes. We currently do not offer general funding, capital or infrastructure grants, or endowment funding.

Grantee Stories

The Outlaw Ocean Project Transforms Investigative Journalism into a New Film Series

The Outlaw Ocean Project is a nonprofit organization founded by award-winning journalist Ian Urbina that takes investigative journalism to the…

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Since 2018, 11th Hour Racing has supported Imagine H2O’s Urban Water Challenge as a founding partner of the global innovation competition that invests in scalable water solutions for urban areas.

Imagine H2O’s Urban Water Challenge Shortlists Five Water Tech Startups to Support Scaling their Innovations in Global Cities

Since 2018, 11th Hour Racing has supported Imagine H2O’s Urban Water Challenge as a founding partner of the global innovation…

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In January 2022, the organization launched The Outlaw Ocean Institute: a journalism fellowship program supported by 11th Hour Racing and Schmidt Marine Technology Partners.

The Outlaw Ocean Institute Supports Early-Career, International Journalists

The Outlaw Ocean Project is a nonprofit investigative journalism organization founded by award-winning journalist Ian Urbina that produces investigative stories…

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Hudson River Community Sailing’s Sail Academy provides year-round youth development, academic enrichment, and leadership education through sailing and boatbuilding in New York City, N.Y. Photo credit: Leigh Beckett

How Ocean Literacy Provides Opportunities for Unique Career Paths

Do you remember your first connection to the water? Perhaps it was a family trip to the beach, a friend’s…

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Plastic Free July is a Global Movement

Plastic Free July is a Global Movement

We’ve all adopted the mindset of reducing, refusing, and reusing in our homes and offices, so how is plastic still…

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earth day, planet earth,

#InvestingInOurPlanet Means Investing in People

Sailors. Students. Sports fans.  At 11th Hour Racing, we’re joining our communities to raise our voices for the Earth this…

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Urban Water Challenge Announces its Cohort IV Startups

The Future of Water in Coastal Cities — Urban Water Challenge Announces its Cohort IV Startups

Join our six finalists as they make coastal cities more healthy, efficient, equitable, and resilient. We are excited to introduce…

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Choose Magic

A short film by 11th Hour Racing [embed][/embed] From the bustling boulevards of New York City to the urban backyards…

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A floating wetland in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. 11th Hour Racing’s grant to the National Aquarium supports research investigating the rate of nutrient removal from the harbor by floating wetlands. Photo credit: ​​David Coffey/National Aquarium

Floating Wetlands

Visit the National Aquarium’s floating wetland science lab In many urban harbors around the world, native wetlands have been devastated…

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