Atlantic Cup Leg I: Charleston

feather flags

Spring isn’t the only thing in the air in the historical town of Charleston, SC.   The Atlantic Cup has arrived and is in full swing.  With 7 teams and 4 countries represented, this group of short-handed sailors are eager to get off the dock and start the race.

For now the weather predictions are looking, as we say up north, “wicked”  for the first leg which means, the voyage from Charleston to New York City will be highly technical.  This is good news for all of us who will be tracking the race.

The boats have been equipped with hydrogenerators, fuel cells and alternative fossil fuel for the engines they seldom use.  Single use plastic water bottles have been banned from use during the event, both on and off shore, filling stations have been provided, waste has been significantly reduced and recycling bins are abundant.  Top this all off with the fact that Green Mountain Energy has partnered up with the Atlantic Cup to off set the remaining carbon foot print and we are now looking at one of the worlds cleanest professional regattas in the world.  This model for hosting a sustainable event is admirable and one we all hope will continue to catch on globally.




It’s been a pleasure to meet the skippers and learn about their experiences off shore and how using the alternative energy can improve their performance.  Working to find winning solutions for the sport of sailing while increasing the personal investment of sailors in the health of our oceans are attainable goals.  Let’s hope the Atlantic Cup will inspire and set the trend in the sport of sailing.