Beyond the office walls: by Amy MacMillan

“The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenements halls and whispered in the sounds of silence. “
-Paul Simon

When we moved into our new office space we were faced with creating a work environment that matched our views on sustainability and promoted creativity.  Inspired by a table made from reclaimed pieces of the ship Coronet, we contacted the craftsman, Cody Harple and had him outfit the rest of the space with unique solutions.  He installed walls made from recycled sails and created a recycle bin made from an old pallet complete with recycled sail liners.  We used shower wallboard for dry erase boards and added a chalkboard stripe, allowing us to express our thoughts more creatively.  By taking a closer look at the resources available to us and chatting up some crafty people, we were able to set up an office that fits the needs of our staff but also encourages us to enjoy the space where we spend our days.