Bringing circularity to the composites industry

Released by Land Rover BAR.

The circular economy concept is certainly gaining momentum and standards being developed to measure degrees of circularity all aimed at ensuring flows of goods and services are optimized to avoid the systemic leakage and loss of resources that results from a linear approach.

The Ellen McArthur Foundation clearly sets out the approach and benefits of such an economy and the one planet living concept developed by WWF and Bioregional puts our consumption starkly into focus with current European consumption levels requiring 3 planets to sustain this demand.

At Land Rover BAR, a sports team which has embedded a sustainability ethos into its heart with 11th Hour Racing as Exclusive Sustainability Partner, these are challenges that we face continually.

The America’s Cup is a design and innovation led competition which results in the production of parts that reach the end of their life after short periods of testing which lead to improvements, new designs, further innovations and additional parts being made. We have used tools such as carbon footprinting and life cycle assessment to put into perspective the impact our test and race boat construction has and used these tools to identify where we can make positive changes within our own business as well as across the composites industry.

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Published by: Land Rover BAR, November 11, 2016.