Land Rover BAR publish 2015 Sustainability Report

Released by Land Rover BAR.

Land Rover BAR have always put sustainability at the heart of the team’s operations. Working with Exclusive Sustainability Partner 11th Hour Racing, this second annual sustainability report underlines the team’s commitment to its goals.

Skipper and Team Principal, Sir Ben Ainslie commented:

“We have put sustainability at the heart of everything that we do at Land Rover BAR since we decided to challenge for the America’s Cup. We want to win the America’s Cup, build a sustainable long-term business and do it with respect for all the principles of sustainable operation.”

“There’s no doubt that 2015 was a significant year of transition in the way that we operate the team, moving from temporary offices and dock facilities to a BREEAM Excellent standard, purpose-built facility housing all of the team’s activities. The impact that this has had on our operations is clear in this report, and while there is still plenty of work to do, we know that this is a huge step forward in the sustainability of our business.”

Solar PV panels on the roof of Land Rover BAR base (Credit: Shaun Roster)

Written to the GRI standard, highlights from the report include:

Smarter Futures

  • A bespoke building management system now monitors 15 different points at the team’s new home in Portsmouth, including energy and water consumption, and renewable energy generation.
  • 9m2 of artificial reef and oyster cages were installed with support from Base Supplier MDL to encourage an increased population of oysters in the Solent region.
  • Total quantity of operational waste from the team base was reduced by 52% between Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 during 2015.
  • First sports team in the UK to achieve the international ISO20121 certification across all its activities.
  • Since moving to the team base, 100% of electricity is from renewable sources, 21% of which was generated by the team’s Low Carbon PV panels saving 201 tonnes of CO2e.

Monitoring our oysters in the Oyster Regeneration Project in the Solent (Credit: Harry KH)

Driving Innovation

  • Testing a new, cleaner, more efficient process to recycle carbon fibre from its resin composite.
  • Development of first life cycle model for manufacture of our test and race boats, to be developed into a marine industry tool with help from our Title and Innovation Partner Land Rover.
  • Over the three year campaign, the introduction of the Virtual Chase boat will save approximately 0.8 tonnes CO2e per person remaining in Mission Control, a project developed with Exclusive Technology in Sustainability Partner, BT.

Our sustainable water butt in action at the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series New York (Credit: Mark Lloyd)

Inspiring Excellence

  • The Land Rover BAR team base provides 120+ direct jobs, 67% of all staff live in the Solent area around Southampton and Portsmouth.
  • Around the office, our choice of suppliers has resulted in savings of:
    • 4225 litres water by our window and PV cleaners who use 100% rain water harvesting.
    • 342 rainforest trees saved from illegal logging and ranching through choice of coffee beans.
    • 100% post consumer recycled content in all printer and copy paper.
  • The team have supported training in the Solent region with:
    • 5 apprenticeships with the team, and a further two with the team’s boat builders Green Marine and the team’s caterers
    • 53 apprentices involved in construction of the team’s Docking Ribs at City College Southampton
    • 26 work experience placements
    • 4 internships
    • 4 higher education projects, design and engineering MSc theses
  • Land Rover BAR staff have participated in 74 events to share the team’s story; giving talks, taking part and hosting seminars and meetings across a range of topics including innovation, design, technology and sustainability to young people and business forums.

The wide range of effective action and initiatives described in the report demonstrates that Land Rover BAR continue to lead the way in promoting sustainability in sport, and remain on track to be the country’s leading sustainable sports team.

2015 Sustainability Report

Published by: Land Rover BAR, June 8, 2016.