Land Rover BAR publish 2016 Sustainability Report

Released by Land Rover BAR.

Raising the bar in sustainable sport

Land Rover BAR set a goal to be a global leader in professional sports teams, showcasing that it is possible to win on the field of play with sustainability at the core of operations. The publication of the team’s third Annual Sustainability Report shows that the team are right on track, in a year where the team’s work has been recognised by Beyond Sport, with the Sport for Environment Award; and by the British Marine Trade Association with the Boating Business Environment Award; and finally by Boat International – Ocean Awards who awarded us the Seafarer’s Award.

In 2014 Land Rover BAR published their first Annual Sustainability Report, a statement of the team’s intent to put sustainability at the heart of the team’s operations, supported by Exclusive Sustainability Partner 11th Hour Racing.

Last year, the second annual sustainability report underlined the team’s commitment to its goals and marked an important transition, as the team moved from temporary offices and docks to a purpose-built facility housing all of the team’s activities on Portsmouth waterfront in the UK.

Land Rover BAR’s Portsmouth Team Base © Shaun Roster

The publication of their third report; the 2016 Land Rover BAR Annual Sustainability Report marks the first full year that the team have been operating from their base and is another big milestone on the team’s sustainability journey.

Skipper and Team Principal, Sir Ben Ainslie commented: “Sustainability has been embedded in our mission at Land Rover BAR since day one. This report will show how we have maintained our quest to win the America’s Cup, while building a sustainable long-term business with the utmost respect for all the principles of sustainable operation.

“The past year saw some real landmarks as the team base was awarded BREEAM Excellent Standard – we believe we are the only British professional sports team to operate from such a building. Our work was also recognised by three independent awards. We achieved all this while winning on the water, with victory in the America’s Cup World Series 2015-16.

“We believe operating sustainably means operating efficiently and highly effectively. It is the future, and we believe we are proving it. We will continue to work hard to take this message out to the world.”

Other highlights from the report, which references the Global Reporting Initiatives Standards, include:

Driving Innovation

Oyster cages installed on Land Rover BAR’s pontoon
  • The 9m2 of artificial reef and oyster cages installed with support from Base Supplier MDL to encourage an increased population of oysters in the Solent region exceeds expectations with high survival rates at only 3% mortality.
  • PhD funding secured with Land Rover for a studentship at the University of Southampton to investigate the carbon fibre composite recycling options that retain the material value and deliver recycled carbon fibre product ready for mass manufacturing.

Smarter Futures

Low Carbon Solar Installation
  • Working with Northern Parade school in Portsmouth to realise a second Low Carbon solar panel installation of 64.8 MW. If you combine the solar energy generated on the team base with the school, the total generation of solar electricity now totals 21% of the electricity the team used in 2016.
  • Our water butt recycling system saved approximately 44,000 litres of water.
  • In 2016 we achieved zero waste sent directly to landfill for our non-hazardous material, 66% reuse, anaerobic digestion and recycling, only 30% heading for waste to energy.

Inspiring Excellence

1851 Trust launch BT STEM Crew inspiring the next generation into Sailing and STEM subjects
  • The America’s Cup Team Sustainability Charter was signed for the 35th America’s Cup, with Land Rover BAR instrumental in preparing the Charter.
  • Since opening in May 2016 through December 2016, 4877 people have visited the team’s new Tech Deck and Education Centre at our Portsmouth base.
  • 1851 Trust launched the BT STEM Crew digital online education programme in October with support from Land Rover BAR – 213 schools registered by the end of the year.

Jeremy Pochman, Strategic Director and Co-Founder of 11th Hour Racing, commented: “11th Hour Racing proudly acknowledges the achievements set by Sir Ben Ainslie and the entire Land Rover BAR team, and their dedication to lead both on land and on the water. Their goals are audacious and are driven by the desire to build a legacy for their community and industry, to foster success – whether it’s seeding new oyster beds and installing bee hotels to promote biodiversity, or innovating cleaner and more efficient ways to recycle carbon fibre. We are thrilled to promote the achievements of the team, as the world stage is set in Bermuda for the 35th America’s Cup.”

The wide range of effective action and initiatives described in the report demonstrates that Land Rover BAR continue to lead the way in promoting sustainability in sport, and remain on track to achieve our sustainability goals.

Download the 2016 Sustainability Report here.

Published by: Land Rover BAR, May 16, 2017.