Choose Magic

A short film by 11th Hour Racing

From the bustling boulevards of New York City to the urban backyards of Providence, Rhode Island, nature is teaching us how it can heal and restore itself — like magic. Meet the oyster: it doesn’t look like a magician, but did you know one oyster can filter 50 gallons of water in a day? Or, consider food scraps: by simply composting instead of throwing them in the trash, you remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, mitigating climate change. So what are you waiting for? Use the resources below to get involved in composting and oyster shell recycling.

Click here to access free, downloadable graphics to celebrate the magic of compost and oyster shell recycling.


Billion Oyster Project

Groundwork RI

Healthy Soils Healthy Seas RI

Compost Pickup

Community Composters

Composting at home

Massachusetts Oyster Project

New York Alliance of Shell Collectors

Oyster Shell Recycling