The Ocean Race, Genova, Italy

Race to Universal Declaration of Ocean Rights in Genova, Italy

The Ocean Race has kicked off a series of workshops to drive the ambitious goal of giving the ocean a voice

Experts in international law, diplomacy, ocean science, and sport met this week in Genova, Italy, to kick off the process of drafting principles for a potential Universal Declaration of Ocean Rights, which would set out a global rulebook for governing the ocean to ensure it is properly protected.

After each, The Ocean Race Summit, Genova, Italy (the host of the grand finale of The Ocean Race in June 2023) will hold a workshop to analyze the outcomes of each event and start to draft the principles that could be included in a potential Declaration.

“Without the rights of nature, the ocean is not seen as something of value except to how humans use it. We need to look at the ocean as a living being with an inherent right to exist just as humans do. What does the ocean need to be healthy and thriving?” – Michelle Bender, Ocean Campaigns Director, Earth Law Center

Learn more about the first session of the “Genova Process” from The Ocean Race.

Header image credit: Sailing Energy/The Ocean Race