Sustainability Planning 101

Are you interested in developing and implementing a sustainability plan for your organization?

11th Hour Racing Sustainability Advisor Jill Savery

Regardless of whether you are leading a community sailing center, planning a thousand person regatta, or building an America’s Cup team, this idea can seem quite daunting.

At US Sailing’s National Sailing Program Symposium held in Austin, TX, in February 2017, 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Advisor Jill Savery shared her tips on where to start, how to get others to buy into the plan, and what to track to measure success.

A key message throughout her presentation was: “Start small, but keep building!”

The path towards sustainable operations is a journey that requires collaboration, creativity, innovation and teamwork. Think about sustainably as a lens through which to analyze options and make decisions that connect and balance environmental, economic and social factors. The ultimate goal is to operate in a manner that encourages stakeholders and communities, protects and restores the natural environment, and enables thriving local economies now and into the future.

Check out the attached case study to learn more about Jill’s recommendations for starting a sustainability planning process at your organization.