The Story Behind 11th Hour Racing Team’s Vibrant Branding with Van Orton Design

The Art of Branding: 11th Hour Racing Team’s Vibrant Identity by Van Orton Design

Art that sailed 32,000 nautical miles around the world

When art meets performance, the result can be spectacular. The creative duo behind Van Orton Design, Marco and Stefano Schiavon, are proof of this concept. Their vibrant branding took the world stage with 11th Hour Racing Team during The Ocean Race 2022-23, leaving an indelible mark on the sailing world.

The striking graphics not only looked stunning but also conveyed the Team’s commitment to sustainability by incorporating ocean-inspired graphic elements that comprised the “11” on Mālama’s sails and the iconic heart logo that pulsed around the world.

Dive into the fascinating journey of how these brilliant artists brought their artistic genius to the high seas before ever stepping foot on the boat.

Our logo features strong symbolism, with the dots in our logo representing a clock, and the eleventh dot is painted orange, meaning we are at the 11th hour, and the time to act is now. As title sponsor of 11th Hour Racing Team, we explored ways our logo could evolve to incorporate elements fundamental to our work #fortheocean.

Through art, we wanted to bring to life the Team’s campaign theme of “what’s below the surface connects us all” by highlighting visual elements that can inspire people and create an emotional connection to what’s below the ocean’s surface. Each element, be it a whale, seahorse, or thermometer, uniquely resonates with different people.

We also incorporated #OceanHour into the design, representing our mission to grow conversation around ocean health. When you take a moment to recognize how much the ocean provides for us, from the oxygen we breathe to the food we eat to the stability of our climate, it becomes clear that we only thrive if our ocean thrives.

11th Hour Racing Team carried this message as they raced around the world through some of the most challenging waters on Earth and visited eight different cities. The grand finale culminated in Genova, Italy, where Marco and Stefano saw their artwork for the first time on a 60-foot sailboat. Their designs had become integral to 11th Hour Racing Team’s identity.


Photos by: Amory Ross, Ben Bireau, Sailing Energy / The Ocean Race