Wendy Schmidt- 2017 SeaKeeper of the Year Award

The International SeaKeepers Society honored Wendy Schmidt, 11th Hour Racing Co-Founder and President of The Schmidt Family Foundation, as the 2017 SeaKeeper of the Year for her outstanding leadership and support of the environment and ocean health. Throughout its existence, SeaKeepers has made it a practice to honor and promote key decision makers and influencers who have made extraordinary commitments to preserving our planet’s oceans. The video below highlights Wendy Schmidt’s approach to addressing ocean issues and helping to ‘restore a living system’.

Past SeaKeeper of the Year Award winners include:

2017 – Wendy Schmidt
2016 – Alexander W. Dreyfoos
2015 – Fabien Cousteau
2014 – Wendy Benchley
2013 – The Sargasso Sea Alliance
2012 – agnès b.
2011 – Kelly Slater
2010 – H.S.H. Prince Albert II
2008 – Bernie Marcus
2007 – Ted Danson
2006 – Walter Cronkite
2005 – Admiral James Watkins (USN ret.)
2004 – Bob Talbot
2003 – William K. Reilly
2002 – Sir Peter Blake — (posthumously)
2001 – Mikhail Gorbachev
2000 – H.R.H. General Khaled
1999 – Craig O. McCaw
1998 – James Cameron
1997 – Dr. Sylvia Earle
1997 – Marjorie Stoneman Douglas
1996 – H.S.H. Prince Rainier III
1996 – Jean-Michel Cousteau

Also recognised were Philippe Max Rouja, Judy Clee, Chris Flook and John Paul Skinner as SeaKeepers of Bermuda. This effort identifies individuals who demonstrate a commitment to ocean research and conservation in their local communities.

For more information see: http://www.seakeepers.org/bermuda/