Anthony Kotoun

    It’s great to see sailors out there around the world, starting to embrace the sustainable way of life. Before it was a few passionate people within teams, now its the whole team. This great new way of looking at our actions and how they affect the ocean is becoming the norm.


    The ocean is just so big and beautiful. You gaze out upon it, and you could study it for hours just watching how it works and what it might throw at you next. Sailing on it provides a fantastic challenge. A clean ocean is similar to a slick ice rink for a skater or perfect powder for a skier. Once you start to respect it and enjoy it for the incredible, intricate, oxygen-producing, life-giving system that it is, you want to protect it.

    Career Highlights

    • My biggest highlight is being born in Arkansas but getting to grow up in the U.S. Virgin Islands!
    • 5x World Champion
    • 16x National/North American Champion


    Nickname: Tonks

    Hometown: St. Thomas USVI

    Resides: Newport, RI

    Grantee: Mystic Aquarium


    Cool Trick: I can foil

    Free Time: What’s that?

    Bad Ass Moment: Port tacking the fleet at Moth Worlds in Lake Garda in the morning wind

    Hidden Talent: I can smell trouble from far out

    Guilty Pleasure: ICE CREAM

    The Fridge: Juice, veggies, and leftovers

    Best Advice: Sometimes you just gotta make it happen

    Hobby: Fishing

    Fun Fact: A few winters ago, I got to foil on a Moth on Friday in Australia and then foil on a GC 32 in Key West on Saturday


    Stay at the Strand Hotel in NYC if you go. Best roof top bar and it’s right under the Empire State Building.

    Charter from Sunsail. Best locations!

    Buying rope, get Marlow. Buying clothes, get Gill. Buying blocks, get Harken.


    Gill Neoprene Boots with no straps and split toe inside only.

    Maui Jim Sunnies.

    Velocetik Pro Start

    Patagonia puff ball jacket.

    My Audi station wagon.

    Ambassador News