Cory Silken
11th Hour Racing Ambassador Cory Silken
About Cory

Hometown: Boston, MA

Resides: Newport, RI

Ambassador Project: Massachusetts Oyster Project
“I am really looking forward to working with the Massachusetts Oyster Project on the Shell Recycling Program this summer. It will directly improve the local water quality and ecosystem and support restaurants at a difficult time, considering the pandemic. As an 11th Hour Racing Ambassador, I am happy to support and highlight sustainable practices in coastal communities,” noted Cory Silken, 11th Hour Racing Ambassador.


Cool Trick: Finding lost things (for other people)
Free Time: What’s that?
Bad Ass Moment: Directing superyachts while shooting helicopter aerials
Hidden Talent: Anticipating the big picture and the details
Guilty Pleasure: Sunset sails
The Fridge: Papaya
Best Advice: Take responsibility for yourself and believe in yourself
Hobby: Hiking
Fun Fact: I designed my private signal flag


Herreshoff sailboats


A rangefinder camera; waterproof camera covers, cases, and bags; quick-dry clothing head to toe.


Magazine, book,
& publication covers


Cory Silken Photography Gallery in Newport, RI


Major Exhibitions: Color of Wind & Champions On The Breeze

As a yachting photographer whose hobby is sailing, ocean health immediately impacts both my livelihood and my happiness. The 11th Hour team, ambassadors, and grantees are all equally passionate about maintaining our environment and are top leaders of their respective fields. I am delighted to support the endeavors of such a passionate, active, and highly talented group.

An avid outdoor explorer, Cory Silken’s main photographic and outdoor interest lies in yachting. He has crewed aboard the classic America’s Cup 12 Metre Class fleet and is a champion Herreshoff S Class sailor. Cory combines his passion for photography and love of sailing to document and preserve the grace of classic yachts and convey the real thrill of sailboat racing. He is world-renowned for his ability to fuse serenity with adventure in the inspiring scenes he captures. 

Silken frequently exhibits his fine artwork, and in 2012 he opened the Cory Silken Photography Gallery. His poster editions are distributed globally and have appeared as set dressings in movies and television.

While recognized for these fine art sailing images, Silken’s talent is now on call in the superyacht luxury lifestyle industry. Based in the Northeast USA, Silken regularly travels to the Caribbean and throughout the world for private and commercial projects. His dynamic and creative imagery appears in most of the major yachting magazines around the globe and is published in numerous books. His clients range from local organizations to the top shipyards in the world, and he also photographs global regattas for their title sponsors. Beyond still photography, Silken also produces and directs video media solutions with top industry filmmakers.


Sustainability has always been important to me, and I have a degree in Economics of Environmental Science. I endeavor to leverage my work and my voice to further support sustainability. I’m glad to be able to aid environmental organizations through engaging with the 11th Hour Racing network of grantees, ambassadors, and partners.


Cory has a passion for protecting the ocean. Now, as an 11th Hour Racing Ambassador, Cory helps to capture not only the beauty of the sea and sailing but also the work of 11th Hour Racing’s grantees and partners. His photography helps to shine a spotlight on how we can all be good ocean stewards and inspire the next generation to care for this precious resource. Through his work with many regattas and events around the world, Cory is also working to promote more sustainable event practices.

Career Highlights

  • Silken has a client list that reads like a who’s who of yachting and:
  • Hundreds of magazine, book, and publication covers
  • Major exhibitions Color of Wind and Champions On The Breeze
  • Cory Silken Photography Gallery in downtown Newport
  • Publication of numerous private books, and the S Class centennial book Setting Sail In America, The Remarkable Story Of Herreshoff S Class Sailboats

Ambassador News

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