Daniela Burton


Daniela is the Sponsorship Manager at 11th Hour Racing. Prior to joining the team, Daniela spent the last 16 years in the sailing office at the New York Yacht Club, where she helped organize and run some of the world’s pinnacle sailing regattas and events. Coming from a leading yacht club in sustainability, Daniela knows just how critical working closely with sailors and the sailing community is to raising awareness for ocean health. In her planning and execution of the expeditions to the far reaches of the world, Daniela saw firsthand what mankind has done to our oceans. From the sea turtles in the Galapagos to the whales in Patagonia, she knows how important it is to look and act locally as this will have a lasting impact on the oceans as a whole.

Daniela has always had a love for the ocean and decided to make Newport her home to breathe in the salt air and hear the fog horns in the harbor. Feeling connected and grounded by life near the ocean, she knows just how important changing the tide of human behavior is in reversing the damage we have done to our oceans and securing a clean future for younger generations.