Jamie Haines

    As sailors we have a unique relationship to the ocean, and as a result it is our duty to step up and protect it.

    Jamie has been sailing professionally since 2005, before that she was involved with many other teams on the match racing circuit, and with various Olympic classes and handicap racing. Jamie was on the sailing team at Connecticut College and at her high school, St. George’s in Middletown, RI. Jamie grew up racing on Narragansett Bay, and sailing has always been a big part of her life. When not sailing, you will find Jamie in the snow or on the water with her family.


    Sailing is one of the few things that you can do where you can disconnect from the land, and you and your team are responsible for everything onboard. You are self-sufficient and completely in tune with the weather and the ocean. You develop a very intimate connection with the ocean, especially as you sail further away from land. In my life so far, I have seen marked changes in the oceans – from dying coral reefs and less marine life, to a scary increase of human influence (aka garbage) out in the open ocean. We need to address this issue urgently since our oceans are dying from human impact. Without healthy oceans, not only so many amazing things that we are yet to discover will be gone, but life on earth will struggle to survive.


    As a former board member of Clean Ocean Access, a local non-profit in Newport RI, I have been actively involved in initiatives that support water quality, marine debris and create awareness on Aquidneck Island, RI. While on the board, we worked to create awareness within the sailing community by having a presence at major sailing events such as the Volvo Ocean Race Newport stopover, as well as other events such as Block Island Race Week, where COA was a sustainability partner. This year I have been supporting COA’s initiatives to Ban the Bag on Aquidneck Island and Jamestown. Additionally, I have been working with my yacht club to move towards more sustainable practices, such as decreasing the use of straws and increasing the use of water filling stations and recycling.

    Career Highlights

    • 2015 Bronze medal at the Women’s Match Racing Worlds – Epic Racing
    • 2015 Lysekil Women’s Match – 2nd – Epic Racing
    • 2015 Block Island Race Week – 1st IRC1- Interlodge 44
    • 2014 US Super Series – Interlodge
    • 2014 Busan Match Cup – 4th – Epic Racing Team
    • 2013 – 52 Super Series – Team Interlodge
    • 2011 – 2nd Key West Race Week – TP52’s – Interlodge
    • 2010 – 1st Key West Race Week – IRC52’s – Interlodge
    • 2009 – US Sailing Team – Women’s Match Racing
    • 2006 – Newport Bermuda Race – 1st – Open 50 Gryphon Solo
    • 2006 – US Sailing Team – Yngling


    Nickname: Jamie

    Grantee: Clean Water Fund

    Hometown: Jamestown, RI

    Resides: Newport, RI


    Cool Trick: I can whistle really really loud

    Free Time: Be outside

    Bad Ass Moment: Rescuing 6 stranded sharks off the beach in NC caught in a fishing net

    Hidden Talent: Art

    Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream

    The Fridge: Lots of veggies

    Best Advice: Never give up

    Hobby: Anything artsy

    Fun Fact: I sailed around the world as a kid




    Patagonia Nano puff and Nano Air.

    Patagonia Cap 1 and Cap 3 shirts and long underwear.

    Patagonia Rock Scrambler shorts.

    Keanon Sunglasses.

    Musto Jacket.

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