11th Hour Racing ambassador Meg O'hara

Meg O’Hara

Whistler, Canada

Meg O’Hara is an artist and environmentalist, her work is based on ocean conservation in the polar regions. In 2022, she was an Artist-in-Residence on the Polar Prince icebreaker ship on the Atlantic Ocean during an Ocean Conservation Expedition with the Students on Ice (SOI) Foundation. In December 2022, she was chosen for a delegation to Antarctica to look at the impact of climate change on the region. In 2023, she was the inaugural Artist-in-Residence at the Canadian Ice Core Lab with glaciologist and National Geographic Explorer Dr. Alison Criscitiello.

O’Hara was a Featured Artist for Ocean Week Canada in 2023. As part of this project, her work was included in the James Cameron exhibit in conjunction with National Geographic, Rolex, and WHOI.

In 2021, Meg was awarded the BCBusiness 30 Under 30 Award. Then, two years later, she won the BCBusiness Woman of the Year award. She is a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, a Member International at The Explorers Club, a WINGS WorldQuest Flag Carrier, and a Creative Ambassador for Protect Our Winters.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Theory from the University of British Columbia. When Meg is not traveling, she is based in Whistler, Canada. Her purpose as an artist is to inspire the viewer to seek adventure in nature and reflect on their role in preserving it.

O’Hara’s artistic journey began with painting lessons from her grandmother, the person she’s named after. Her grandmother’s pivotal role in her life extended beyond mentorship; she was also the first to support her talent by purchasing one of her paintings at the age of 16, sparking O’Hara’s career as an artist.

What inspired you to become an 11th Hour Racing ambassador?

I was inspired to become an 11th Hour Racing ambassador because of my deep love for ocean conservation in the polar regions. I recognize the urgent need to create solutions to the issues facing our planet, particularly those related to ocean health and climate action.

11th Hour Racing’s mission aligns closely with my core values and goals. I believe this partnership will allow me to collaborate with an amazing team and to help amplify my message. I’m thrilled to join the team to continue to generate positive change and advocate for a healthier ocean!

Why are you passionate about ocean conservation?

I’m passionate about ocean conservation because I believe it is the heart of our planet. The ocean is beautiful, powerful, vulnerable and magical. I have a deep passion and appreciation for protecting the ocean and all the life it gives us.


Supporting the mission

Project name: The Painter Line

Project mission: Ocean conservation in the polar regions to inspire viewers to seek adventure in nature and reflect on their role in preserving it