Yvette Telford


Yvette is the Office Manager for 11th Hour Racing. In her professional background, she has worked within the Administrative fields of several different industries. Before coming to 11th Hour Racing, she was focused on continuing on her path in the Naval Education programs in Newport, RI. Her long-standing experiences with the Navy both overseas and stateside has given her knowledge and perspective from a government standpoint. The opportunity to work within an organization such as 11th Hour Racing that focuses on sustainability and ocean health, and allows her to utilize her Administrative experience has been an exciting career change. She is currently pursuing a degree in the Business Administrative discipline to aid in her contribution to the team. 

Yvette grew up with a love for the ocean in Southern California, with the Pacific Ocean always in her backyard. Yvette volunteers for local organizations and helps with school booster programs. She has lived overseas and in several states in the US and prefers to be in or near the water whenever possible.