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coral reef, mangrove, the ocean agency, Indonesia, above and below water photo, Photo Credit: Alex Mustard/ The Ocean Agency

The current lack of understanding and interest in most ocean issues and solutions is one of the most significant challenges facing water ecosystems. It is limiting the support that is urgently needed to address problems that are growing exponentially. The Ocean Agency focuses on capturing imagery and combining it with creativity and powerful partnerships to achieve its mission of accelerating ocean science and conservation. The organization uses compelling images, videos, and other mediums to instantly explain ocean issues and solutions — the secret to success is content that captures both public and media attention.

2021 marks the start of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, an opportunity to raise awareness about the critical importance of restoring ocean health by supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 14 — Life Below Water, and increase optimism by raising awareness about and interest in the solutions to ocean issues.


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The Ocean Agency, Mangrove, Ocean Image Bank, Sean Chinn, Crocodile, Mangrove

Initiatives Supported by 11th Hour Racing

Ocean Decade Creative Communication Toolkits

As part of a UNESCO endorsed programme of activity for the UN Ocean Decade, The Ocean Agency developed four creative communication toolkits about the Ocean, Coral Reefs, Seagrasses, and Mangroves. The interactive toolkits are designed to make communicating about these ecosystems easier, more compelling, and effective. 11th Hour Racing is sponsoring the mangrove toolkit and supporting the program’s overall development. This program includes a free-to-use digital library of images, video, and other media assets along with activities such as Ocean Decade exhibitions and expeditions.

Ocean Change Videos

The Ocean Agency will develop three short videos with ocean athletes to explain the impacts of climate change on the ocean and the role of the ocean on climate change. The character driven videos will be edited in a compelling and unexpected way to reach mainstream audiences. The videos will showcase how to use creativity in science communication to inspire new audiences and create impact. 11th Hour Racing is sponsoring the first video in the series featuring a sailor on the 11th Hour Racing Team.

Additional partners on these projects include UNESCO, UN Environment Programme, Adobe, The University of Rhode Island, Cutter Studios, and contributing photographers and videographers.

The Ocean Agency, Mangrove, Ocean Image Bank, mangrove, underwater, matt curnock


The Ocean Agency is a nonprofit organization focused on innovation in ocean conservation. The organization uses the combination of creativity, technology and powerful partnerships to raise the awareness and support necessary to help fast-track action.