Yacht Racing Forum

Starting in 2018, 11th Hour Racing and the Yacht Racing Forum formed a three-year sponsorship to advance sustainable practices within the marine industry, sailing event management, and team operations. Additionally, the organizations collaborate on integrating relevant sustainability content throughout conference programming – showcasing sustainability at off-the-water yachting events.


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Initiatives Supported by 11th Hour Racing

This partnership engages the sailing community in conversations and continued behavior change regarding implementing sustainability best practices and restoring ocean health. Some of the initiatives planned:

  • Including at least one panel at the conference focused on growing the conversation surrounding sustainability and ocean health within the yacht racing community.
  • Actively engaging conference attendees and the media on sustainability issues, solutions, and initiatives.
  • Managing the event with robust sustainability guidelines and publicizing how the operations changed, including successes and challenges, so that other events may learn from this work.


The Yacht Racing Forum is the leading annual conference for the business of sailing and yacht racing. The Business & Marketing conference focuses on the commercial aspects of the sport: sponsorship, event organization, marketing, communication, venues, yacht clubs. It is a must-attend event for organizers, sailing teams, venues, sponsors, yacht clubs and agencies in the yacht racing industry.