Plastic Free School Day

Our Grantee, Final Straw Solent is leading a worldwide effort to reduce single-use plastic in schools

To celebrate the 93rd birthday of Sir David Attenborough, Final Straw Solent has launched the 8th of May Plastic-Free Day to encourage schools around the world to ditch single-use plastic. To take part, all you need to do is refuse single-use plastics for the day – so it can be as simple as packing a plastic-free lunch, refusing to buy things wrapped in disposable plastic, and making sure that you have a reusable bottle, coffee cup, and bag for the day. The 8th of May can also be celebrated by hosting a school assembly, workshop or meeting to talk about the impact of plastic pollution on ocean health.

Based in the UK, Final Straw Solent has gathered a strong set of statistics to share with schools in an effort to get them on board. In the UK, an estimated 35 million single-use plastic bottles, 7 million disposable coffee cups, 8.5 million plastic straws, and 16 million packets of chips are used every day.

Final Straw Solent is offering a wealth of resources on its website to help students and parents start the movement at their school, anywhere in the world!

The 8th of May Plastic-Free Day is being run with support from Sunsail, Hampshire Fire & Rescue, 11th Hour Racing and KEEN Effect. This initiative started in 2018 — Hook with Warsash CofE Academy was the first school to celebrate David Attenborough’s birthday by ditching plastic for the day.

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