Keep Our River Clean!

As the oldest and largest public sailing center in the U.S., Community Boating Inc. recognizes their role in improving and preserving the health of th

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Life Cycle Analysis for Low-Impact Commercial Boat Building

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Sustainable development is traditionally defined as development that meets the needs of the present while not compromising the n

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Community Boating Center Inc New Bedford
Community Boating Center New Bedford Ocean Stewardship Program

Project Description The Community Boating Center, Inc (CBC) of New Bedford is expanding their year-round Sailing into Knowledge STEAM (Science, Techn

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RiverGuides Plastic Pollution Education & Remediation Project

Project Description The Delaware River, which runs adjacent to Philadelphia and its suburbs, is plagued with plastic pollution and debris much like m

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The Atlantic Cup

America’s Carbon Neutral Sailing Race The Atlantic Cup presented by 11th Hour Racing is committed to being the most environmentally responsible sailing race in the United States. Since its inceptio

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11th Hour 55 South Logo
55 South

Mark Towill and Charlie Enright, co-founders of professional sailing team 55 South, know the importance of environmental sustainability and clean oceans which they promote amongst the sailing and ma

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Photo Credit: J. Clancy Photography
newportFILM Ocean Films

newportFILM seeks to heighten awareness on the issues facing our oceans and local bodies of water through the lens of documentary film. Film can not only be a catalyst for community dialogue around

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52 Super Series
52 Super Series

2016 marked the fifth season of the 52 SUPER SERIES and it proved to be the biggest and best yet. A competitive fleet, world class racing, and through a partnership with 11th Hour Racing, they are wo

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2011USSTAG_Andy Horton_credit Amory Ross US SAILING
Andy Horton

Andy's passion for sailing is deep rooted and he has a wealth of experience, having sailed in many different classes all over the world. Since graduating from Hobart College in 1998, Andy has been

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Andy Green

Andy has been a professional sailor since 1996 on all types of boats, in a huge variety of venues and types of racing. Standouts include 2x America's Cup campaigns and 10 years of world class match

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Brock Callen

As a kid, Brock was always on the move and always outside - there wasn't a sport that he didn't do when he was younger.  It wasn't until college that he really focused on sailing. Going to Old D

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Anderson Reggio

Anderson's career in both race management and sailing roles has spanned numerous events all over the world. An habitual runner in his youth, his athletic focus has been more heavily geared towards w

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11th Hour Racing, a program of The Schmidt Family Foundation, establishes strategic partnerships within the sailing and marine communities to promote collaborative, systemic change for the health of the marine environment.

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