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11th Hour Racing, a program of The Schmidt Family Foundation, establishes strategic partnerships within the sailing and marine communities to promote collaborative, systemic change for the health of the marine environment.

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The Ambassador Program seeks to positively influence the sailing industry and promote marine stewardship with inspiring leaders in sailing. Ambassadors are top-athletes, forward-thinking stewards of the environment, and passionate about the health of our oceans. They serve as on the ground resources that listen, learn, share knowledge, and offer their expertise to inspire the next generation of sailors.

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11th Hour Racing funds innovative efforts, both within and outside of the sailing industry that systematically improves the health of our oceans and vital resources. Projects with goals of advancing clean technologies, fostering environmental stewardship and addressing ocean pollution are examples of past grantees.

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By embarking on a new model of sport sponsorship, 11th Hour Racing seeks to demonstrate the advantage of embedding sustainability into operations and pilot innovations to achieve greater performance. Sponsorships include high performance, high profile professional sailing teams, series, and class associations.

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Photo Credit: J. Clancy Photography

newportFILM Ocean Films

newportFILM seeks to heighten awareness on the issues facing our oceans and local bodies of water through the lens of documentary film. Film can not only be a catalyst for community dialogue around ocean health issues, but also inspire a community to initiate change.

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Hudson River Community Sailing

Hudson Estuary Litter Prevention

Hudson River Community Sailing works locally in New York City to provide experiential learning opportunities to underserved New York City youth through sailing and marine education. Under this grant, Hudson River Community Sailing will implement the Hudson Estuary Litter Prevention marine debris education program. The program seeks to educate and empower high school students enrolled in their…

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( Boston, MA,  09/26/13) 5th graders build a boat and take to the seas.  Fifth grade Boston Family Boat Building students launch handmade boat at Fan Pier.
 ( Thursday, September 26, 2013.  Staff Photo by Arthur Pollock

Student Water Quality Evaluation Project

In partnership with Northeastern University’s Marine Science Center, this project will expand Community Boat Building’s experiential learning program to include hands-on science activities that will offer underserved 5th grade students in Boston the opportunity to advocate for the environmental health of Boston Harbor. Students will use the rowboats they build at Community Boat Building to collect water…

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5 Gyres

Solar Plastic Brick Kiln

5Gyres and its partners will create the world’s first fully-mobile, solar-powered plastic recovery kiln. The kiln melts dirty, common plastic pollution found in the ocean into useful materials such as bricks, roofing tiles, sandal bottoms, etc. 5 Gyres hopes this transformation will create a market for low value plastic, which will ultimately facilitate their removal from beaches….

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11th Hour Racing Job Opening – Sponsorship Associate

11th Hour Racing is looking for an exceptional person to join our team in Newport, RI. This individual will manage implementation of our Sponsorship and Ambassador programs, coordinate communications and PR initiatives, and bring a passion for the mission of 11th Hour Racing and The Schmidt Family Foundation. For more information regarding specific responsibilities and qualifications, please review the job…

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Water, Water Everywhere – Sailing World

It all started with the humble water bottle… Eliminating single use water bottles was one of the very first practices implemented by 11th Hour Racing – here Sailing World shares some of 11th Hour Racing’s tips on how to create your own system. STARTING LINE – TECHNOLOGY, BY LISA GABRIELSON In the interest of sustainability…

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Dear Fellow Sailors…

11th Hour Racing Ambassador Dave Rearick spent the summer sailing on the Great Lakes, and encouraging his fellow sailors to embrace more sustainable practices. Here is a great letter that he sent with a recap of the summer’s adventures. Friends, Sailors and Stewards of our natural, water world, As an ambassador for 11th Hour Racing,…

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Total Domination!

The 2015 Total Domination IPA Moth U.S. Championship, August 14-16 on the Columbia River Gorge Oregon, was a success on all fronts. Congratulations to Total Domination IPA Moth US National Champion Anthony Kotoun! The Gorge provided for amazing sailing conditions with a full range of breeze over the course of the event, from nuclear to…

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