The Hypocrite, new film by POW Alliance Athlete Amie Engerbretson. Credit: J. Engerbretson

Watch Protect Our Winters and Teton Gravity Research’s latest film: “The Hypocrite”

In 2023, 11th Hour Racing began a partnership with Protect Our Winters (POW) to create a stronger narrative around the connection between mountains and ocean, and soil and water. The health of these environments is intertwined, and ocean health really starts on land.

As part of the partnership, we supported professional skier and POW athlete alliance member Amie Engerbretson’s latest film project, The Hypocrite

“Using the power of storytelling and sport allows us to bring to life this connection and make long-lasting impacts from the highest peaks to the magical world beneath the ocean’s surface.”— 11th Hour Racing President, Michelle Carnevale

The Hypocrite challenges the notion that athletes are hypocrites because they burn fossil fuels by driving snowmobiles, skiing via helicopters, and chasing fresh snow around the world – all while advocating for the climate. This film showcases the realization that individual actions are not the core issue and that significant systemic shifts are needed to shape a different future. By dismantling the culture of individual blame that leads to guilt, the documentary encourages unity and collaboration among individuals who share a common passion for the outdoors and for the protection of their playgrounds.

This film project was made possible by collaboration and partnership between Protect Our Winters x Teton Gravity Research and additional film sponsors, including Atomic, 11th Hour Racing, Scott, Spyder, and Sierra Nevada. Thank you to everyone who made this film possible!

Header image credit: J. Engerbretson