Hilary Kotoun


Hilary is the Senior Communications Manager at 11th Hour Racing working to advance the stories of its sponsorships, grantees, and ambassadors. Before joining 11th Hour Racing, Hilary spent eight years leading the communications efforts at Sailors for the Sea. She is passionate about conveying the importance of protecting our oceans, lakes, and rivers to the boating community through creative, engaging content. Whether it is in a magazine, blog, or social media post, she enjoys translating the language of ocean science into a memorable and moving blurb, quote, or article.

Her fascination and love for the ocean and all of its creatures started at a young age when she lived aboard her family’s sailboat in the Caribbean. This curiosity continued through her time on the Chesapeake Bay, where she sailed on her college’s varsity sailing team and now lives near and enjoying the ocean in Newport, RI. During this time spent on the water, she has seen the unfortunate destruction of our waterways when we ignore our impact and the endless possibilities of hope for our oceans when protected by passionate people.